condemns war and violence

As we have war right now and the ukranian members of the womenhockeyfamily fight for their lifes and need our help, wants to use its former international contacts to spin a web of helpful contacts.

If you are able to help, for example

want to giv ethem mentally support right now

to host one or some femlae players from Ukraine temporarely or for longer after they could escape

to care for excaped players, when they are around your location after

and later on, when this war is over and they can go back home and start to play hockey again, to support them with equipment and everything they wiill need

and so on, please contact us by mailing to


If you are a player, still in Ukraine or already successfully escaped, and

look for help and someone, who shares the same passion, so belongs to the huge womenhockey-family and is willing to support you

want to show your teammates and womenhockey-familymembers, that you are safe

want to show your teammates and womenhockey-familymembers, where you are right now

want to get in touch with your teammates and womenhockey-familymembers

please contact us by mailing to:




















Impressum: Rainer Gmach, Oberdorfen 18b, 84405 Dorfen,, +491714820426 (auch WhatsApp)